Launch Hackathon

November 08, 2013 • travel

In early November we attended Launch Hackathon in San Francisco. Within 48 hours we created a prototype for Problemkind, a web-app that let’s you publish problems that cost you money, time or bother you in any other way. On the other end people having the resources, skills and time can give advice or create products addressing your problem.

Between brainstorming, creating wireframes and coding we got to know a lot of interesting people. Some of them brought their sleeping bags and slept at the venue or hacked all the way through. For our purpose of trying new technologies and ideas the late night bus did the job. It’s fair to say those bus rides are adventures themselves.

We really enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere of over a thousand people creating new devices, applications and services. Among the finalists we especially liked Vibrance for their fast-paced way to rate clothes before they go into production and Aircast for putting an end to multiple presenters struggling with connecting their laptops to the projector. Well done.

by Thomas Werkmeister

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