Tech companies

December 11, 2013 • travel

San Francisco and the bay area are full of well-known tech companies. This space is very unique and unmatched by anywhere else in the world. We really enjoy the developer community that has been established. For almost any technology, the city has a regular meetup. Some tech companies open up their offices for these events, which allows us to peak into different company cultures.

It is incredible how big companies like Google and Facebook built their headquarters almost like little cities. They provide a lot of free services to their employees, like (healthy) meals, rental bikes and gym facilities. In GitHub‘s office the mascot “Octocat“ is omnipresent. The visitor entrance leads directly to a room that resembles the White House’s Oval Office—but for an Octocat president. Then, there are offices in San Francisco’s downtown that allow spectacular views over the waterfront and skyline. All of these extravaganzas demonstrate how hard it is for companies in the bay area to find talent and keep them.

by Norman Rzepka

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