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Bots Powered ByMachine Learning 

Our bots are built using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. We use the award-winning Rasa Stack for Conversational AI agents.
We are here to get you started with great Rasa bots. Learn more about them in our workshops or let us support you with your development.

  • Conversational AI

    We use the latest machine learning technology for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and smart dialogue handling.
     Our conversational AI bots enable highly contextualized interactions and dynamically adapt to changing conversation flows. 

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    Enterprise Ready

    Our chatbots integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and backend systems.
    Have full control over your data privacy. Our bots are self-hosted on a server of your choice — no need to hand over precious user data to cloud services.

  • Customized For You

    We use highly flexible open source components to customize our chatbots to your needs.

  • Rasa Certified Partners

    Our bots are built using the open source Rasa Stack framework. Our experts are official Rasa Certified Partners and know the technology stack inside and out. 


Technical Consulting & Workshops

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Bot Development

Support for Rasa Stack

Technical Consulting & Workshops

Get started with the Rasa Stack

Our technical training workshops help your software engineers succeed with the Rasa Stack. We offer entry-level workshops for getting started with the Rasa Stack all the way to technical deep dives for existing projects.
We advise clients from many industries on the right technologies and solutions for their use cases. We flexibly design our workshops around the questions and needs of our clients. 

Thanks again - we found the session very helpful and it completely met our expectations. We set some general aims up front, which were fully met, and during the session were able to flexibly set and adjust the agenda on the fly, depending on our needs. You are clearly experts in this field, and provided the content that we needed to accelerate development of our bot. Communication was open, clear, easy. I've worked with many consultants over the years and you guys already rank among the top.

Paul Bergbusch, Head of Data Science - Deutsche Börse

Case Study

ERGO Direkt

CONTEXTAs a direct insurance company, ERGO Direkt connects with its customers through email and chat. The customer service has to deal with thousands of user requests every day. Some requests are highly repetitive and straightforward enough to be automated.
CHALLENGEIdentify and automatically reply to selected customer requests
SOLUTION: Customer Service ChatbotWe created a chatbot to handle user requests dealing with login problems and document uploading. We integrated the chatbot with existing third-party customer service solutions and improved the classification accuracy to over 80%. For production, we deployed the bot on our servers handling hundreds of requests per minute.

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