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Delight your customers with clever, interactive chatbots. Stay connected 24/7.

Enterprise Ready

Our chatbots integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and backend systems.

High Privacy

Have full control over your data. Our bots are self-hosted on a server of your choice. No need to hand over precious user data to cloud services.

Customized for You

We use highly flexible open source components to customize our chatbots to your needs.

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Natural Language Understanding and Dialogue Engine Flow


Multi-Turn Dialogue

State-of-the-art Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithms extract a user's intent and turn it into engaging conversations. We use machine learning based dialogue handling to enable highly contextualized interactions.

Deep Learning Technology

We use the latest deep learning technology to interactively learn human-like conversations. Our bots dynamically adopt to changing conversation flows. In contrast to hard-wired dialog flows, we rely on a predictive model to achieve an interactive and highly engaging user experience.

Rasa Certified Experts

Our bots are built using the open source Rasa Stack framework. Our experts are official Rasa Certified Developers and know the technology stack inside and out. Our skilled machine learning engineers handcraft bot experiences for your needs.

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    For a customer's new B2B webshop we added a chatbot for first-level customer support. Typical recurring questions included the status of orders and product information.

    As a customer facing interface, UX was key. The biggest challenge was to never ask for any input information twice.

    Our proposed chatbot solution used contextual information to handle order tracking. Entered order numbers were reused for several dialogue flows without having to explicitly model this behavior at design time.

    For non-typical requests a hand-off to human customer service agents was implemented.


    A large insurance company challenged us with a chatbot for optimizing internal HR processes. In particular, the bot should record sick days and track people's holidays.

    The biggest challenge involved recognizing and parsing dates and durations, both as regular date formats and as natural speech, e.g. "five days ago". We trained and fine-tuned several entity extractors to reliably understand these.

    The bot was integrated with a cloud storage provider to persist the recorded absences.


We are happy to help you craft a unique chatbot experience. All our software engineers are highly skilled developers at building and training a fully, customizable chatbot.

Our bots can be integrated into an array of different channels. We offer integration from Facebook Messenger, customer websites, Slack chats, text message all the way to custom solutions.

We design and build our products in an agile fashion and value regular client meetings to manage the development process. We offer continuous integration builds to always have a working version of the bot available for testing.

Our Development Process



    Do you need technical help with the Rasa Stack or would like to know more about the underlying tech? Our experts provide first-hand support on-premise.

    We are Rasa Certified Developers and use the tech stack everyday ourselves.

    We offer both hands-on training sessions as well as high-level overview workshops about chatbots and potential use cases for conversational AI. Get in touch with our consultants to customize your workshop.

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    Paul Bergbusch Ph.D., Head of Data Science

    Thanks again - we found the session very helpful and it completely met our expectations. We set some general aims up front, which were fully met, and during the session were able to flexibly set and adjust the agenda on the fly, depending on our needs. You are clearly experts in this field, and provided the content that we needed to accelerate development of our bot. Communication was open, clear, easy. I've worked with many consultants over the years and you guys already rank among the top.

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