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WorkshopRasa Conversational AI

Technical Workshops and Expert Consulting for the Rasa Conversational AI Stack

Understand Rasa Inside and Out

Rasa bots are built using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to drive smart, contextual Conversational AI agents.
We are here to get you started with building Rasa bots. Learn more about them in our workshops.
Our technical training workshops help your software engineers succeed with the Rasa Stack. We offer entry-level workshops for getting started with the Rasa Stack all the way to technical deep dives for existing projects.

  • Understand Conversational AI & NLP

    Rasa uses the latest machine learning technology for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and smart dialogue handling.
    Understand what is going on in the background and learn how to tweak the AI systems for your projects.

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    Accelerate your Project Start

    Our workshops are designed to quickly get you started with the Rasa Stack. From setting up the framework to hosting and dialogue design.
    Our experts teach you all about the components of the Rasa Stack in a hands-on manner and share their experiences from a wide range of projects.

  • Rasa Certified Partners

    As frequent contributors to the Rasa Stack and officially Certified Rasa Partners we know the tech stack inside out.
    Benefit from our experience and kick start your Rasa development project today.

  • Hands-On & Hackathons

    Our workshops are by coders for coders. All topics include practical hands-on lessons to get you started with Rasa bots from day one.
    Workshops are organized as a mix of Hackathons and theoretical background. Everyone goes home with a small bot.

Selected Clients

We advise clients from many industries on the right technologies and solutions for their use cases. All workshops are designed around the questions and needs of our clients. 


Example Schedule

We recommend a two-day workshop for most people to cover the entire Rasa Stack in depth and have time to build a small bot yourself. All workshops are flexibly designed around customer needs.

Day 1

    Overview of the Rasa Stack: NLU, Core & Rasa X
    Intro to Machine Learning for Natural Language Understanding
    Working with Rasa NLU & Hands-On Training
    Planning & Structure of a Rasa Chatbot Project
    Language Model Evaluation & Hands-On Training
    Best Practices & Dialogue Design

Day 2

    Deep Dive Rasa Core & Hands-On Training
    APIs & Third Party Integrations
    Component Customizations
    Deployment, Docker & Hosting
    Testing & Continuous Integration
    Hands-On: Development of a Demo Bot

Thanks again - we found the session very helpful and it completely met our expectations. We set some general aims up front, which were fully met, and during the session were able to flexibly set and adjust the agenda on the fly, depending on our needs. You are clearly experts in this field, and provided the content that we needed to accelerate development of our bot. Communication was open, clear, easy. I've worked with many consultants over the years and you guys already rank among the top.

Paul Bergbusch, Head of Data Science - Deutsche Börse


  • Who are these workshops designed for?

    Our workshops are designed for technical teams. From deep-dives for software engineers to project managers and software systems architects. Let us know which topics are most interesting to you and we flexibly adapt to your needs.
    The workshop is aimed at getting you familiar with the Rasa AI Stack at all levels. From software teams just starting with building conversational AI agents to projects already using the Rasa Stack looking for a deep dive into the internals and customization options. 
  • Do I require prior knowledge?

    No special prior knowledge is required. We are very flexible in setting up our workshops and will adapt them to your needs. 
  • Do you do on-premise workshops?

    Yes, our experts typically come to you with our workshops. Alternatively, we offer to do the workshop in our office in Potsdam, Germany.
  • What languages are the workshops available in?

    Our workshops are available in German and English. Your choice.
  • How much time do I need for the workshops?

    Typically, we recommend a 2-day workshop to cover all parts of the Rasa Stack and have enough time to get a hands-on experience with actual code. Get in touch with us for shorter or longer workshops.
  • Are there any technical requirements?

    For the hands-on and hackathons parts, we will provide a demo bot setup as a Docker container image. We recommend to either have Docker installed on your system or install the Rasa Stack Python libraries natively. 
    For less technical workshops, no additional resources are needed. Our experts will demonstrate the usage of the Rasa Stacks on their machines.
  • How much are the workshops?

    We aim to find a fair solution for every client. Pricing of the workshops depends on several factors: number of participants, number of required expert trainers, duration of the workshop and others.
    Get in touch with us to talk about the details. 
  • Do you provide any materials?

    As part of the workshop we will share our slide decks and a recommended project setup of a demo bot with you. Beyond these materials you will return home with a deep understanding of the Rasa Conversational AI and its internals.
  • Can I get video consultation with your specialists?

    Get in touch with us to talk about the details. We are confident in finding a solution that meets your needs.

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