image analysis for neuroscience

Voxelytics Connect

Reconstruct Connectomics-scale 3D datasets with advanced Machine Learning. Turn raw microscope images into rich annotations.
Optimized for 3D Electron Microscopy. Highly parallelized and robust.


* Image data from CREMI

Neuron Segmentation

Automatically segment neurons with Voxelytics Connect using 3D Machine Learning technology. 
Train and apply our optimized 3D Convolutional Neural Network pipeline on your data. Based on state-of-the-art research for 3D image segmentation. Highly parallelized and ready for distribution across compute clusters or the Cloud. 

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    Affinity Prediction with 3D U-Nets
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    Iterative Region Agglomeration
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    Flood-Filling Networks
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Synapse Detection

Automatically detect synapses in your Neurobiology datasets using advanced 3D machine learning.
Coming Soon.


HPC and Cloud Ready

Large 3D image datasets can easily grow to terabytes or petabytes of data and demand intensive compute resources. Our segmentation tools are highly optimized to run all operations in parallel to minimize compute times.

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    HPC and Cloud Ready
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    Highly parallelized across manycore and GPU systems
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    Distributed computing with SLURM, PBS or other schedulers


Our image segmentation solutions get you started with data reconstruction today. 

  • Segmentation as a Service

    From €15,000per dataset*

    Managed ServiceSend us your data, receive full neuron segmentation
    On-Premise in your data center or in the cloud
    Regular Status Meetings
    View Results & Progress in webKnossos
    Custom Solutions & Trial Available
    Training Sessions Available
    Slack & Email Support

  • Cluster License

    Coming Soon

    Cluster license for use on a whole compute cluster
    Runs On-Premise in your Data Center
    Training Sessions Available
    Email Support

* VAT not included

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  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners

Looking for 3D Image Alignment?

Successful 3D image segmentation relies on proper normalization and robust alignment of the raw image slices.
Voxelytics Align provides all the tools for image normalization, in-plane stitching of individual images, and robust global alignment & registration.
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