Building AI-based Image Analysis tools

We build tools that make AI technologies easy-to-use and effective for complex tasks. Our focus areas are Image Analysis for Neuroscience, Medical Research and Industry. 
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Products & Services

  • scalable minds image segmentation

    Voxelytics Connect

    Automatically segment large-scale 3D microscopy image datasets using state-of-the-art AI technologies.
    Easily detect synapses and generate dense segmentation of neurons. Developed in collaboration with leading neuroscientists.
    Engineered for high throughput on HPC and Cloud environments.

  • scalable minds image segmentation

    Voxelytics Align

    Align and normalize 3D microscopy image stacks with robust feature matching and outlier detection.
    Stitch individual 2D image tiles into a single slices. Dynamic mesh transformations ensure highly accurate reconstructions.
    Scales with your data from workstations to HPC clusters or the Cloud.

  • webKnossos


    webKnossos is the leading in-browser annotation tool for 3D large-scale microscopy data for brain researchers.
    Collaboratively work on reconstructing 3D image datasets for your research. Create skeleton and volume annotations at high speed and easily publish them.

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About scalable minds

scalable minds is a software engineering company with a strong focus on solutions utilizing powerful AI methods for our clients and research partners. We are experts for large-scale image analysis.
Our team consists of currently 16 exceptional software engineers and data scientists. We all share the passion for artificial intelligence, brain research and solving technical challenges.
We are not afraid to tackle complex challenges. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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