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scalable minds builds image analysis tools and services for life scientists specialised in connectomics. Automate your analysis with collaborative software and AI technology.
Transform your image datasets into scientific discoveries and decisions. 



Open-source web-based viewer and annotation tool for image datasets

    Visualize gigabyte to petabyte-sized 2D and 3D datasets online
    Annotate collaboratively (skeletons and volume)
    Securely share datasets with collaborators
    Optimized for 3D microscopy and MRI/CT scans


Voxelytics Align

Voxelytics Align

Pre-process large-scale 2D and 3D image datasets

    Alignment, Stitching, Registration
    Normalization, Gradient Correction
    Stitching of 3D tiles
Voxelytics Connect

Voxelytics Connect

Automatically reconstruct biological features from 2D or 3D image datasets

    Segmenting, measuring locating and counting
    Connectome reconstruction
    Neurons, cell organelles, synapses, lesions, tissue
Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI Services

Custom image analysis solutions engineered by our AI experts for your data and use case

    Any image analysis task
    Full service including training data generation
    Collaborative project workflows

Used by leading researchers in academia & industry

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About scalable minds

scalable minds is a software engineering company with a strong focus on solutions utilizing powerful AI methods for our clients and research partners. We are experts for large-scale image analysis.
Our team consists of currently 16 exceptional software engineers and data scientists. We all share the passion for artificial intelligence, brain research and solving technical challenges.
We are not afraid to tackle complex challenges. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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