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scalable minds builds image analysis tools and services for life scientists specialized in Connectomics. Automate your analysis with collaborative software and AI technology.
Transform your image datasets into scientific discoveries and decisions. 



Open-source web platform for viewing, annotating, and analyzing large-scale image datasets. 

    Visualize gigabyte to petabyte-sized 2D and 3D datasets online
    Annotate collaboratively (skeletons and segmentation)
    Securely share datasets with collaborators
    Optimized for 3D microscopy and MRI/CT scans


Image analysis suite for Neuroscience research. Reliable AI workflows to turn raw EM data into neuron segmentations and full Connectome reconstructions.

    3D EM Alignment and Registration
    Segment and reconstruct Neurons, Somata, Axons/Dendrites
    Neural connectivity and Connectome analysis
    Synapse identification and classification
    Highly optimized for HPC and parallel computing 
    Deeply integrated with WEBKNOSSOS for annotation and analysis

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Rely on our years of experience in image analysis and reconstruction projects and let us help you accelerate your research projects. We love to tackle the many technical challenges in working with biomedical image datasets and you can focus on scientific discoveries.


Volume EM Alignment

We pre-process your large-scale 2D and 3D image datasets. Based on Voxelytics technology.

    Alignment, Stitching, Registration
    Normalization, Gradient Correction
    Stitching of 3D tiles

Neuron Segmentation & Connectome Reconstruction Service

We automatically reconstruct biological features from your 2D or 3D image datasets. Based on Voxelytics technology.

    Segmenting, measuring, locating and counting
    Connectome reconstruction
    Neurons, cell organelles, synapses, lesions, tissue

Custom AI Services

Custom image analysis solutions engineered by our AI experts for your use case

    Segmentation of biological features, e.g. neurons, cells, membranes
    Cell Organelle Identification, e.g. mitochondria, nuclei, vesicles
    Detection of damaged tissue and lesions
    Automatic counting and measurement of identified structures
    Data management & online collaborative workflows with webKnossos

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"scalable minds are an amazing team: highly professional, expert software design, 100% achievers. They have been essential for our development of efficient human-machine interaction with large-scale image data of brain circuits. The software they built for us is world-leading in our field."

Moritz Helmstaedter

Director,Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

"We are working on systems neuroscience in the mouse olfactory bulb. WEBKNOSSOS is very useful for safely storing large datasets and managing access across multiple users. It makes it simpler sharing insights with collaborators - by facilitating operations such as looking at the very same data or sharing annotations."

Carles Bosch

Principal Laboratory Research Scientist,
Francis Crick Institute

"WEBKNOSSOS supports almost all our connectomics work in the retina.  It's the best web-based tool out there for integrated team-based annotation, proofreading, display, and output of serial EM data. The toolset is diverse, powerful, and intuitive. The functionality and ease of use just keep getting better. It has been a pleasure to work with the responsive and science-friendly folks at scalable minds."

David Berson

Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science,Brown University

Used by leading researchers in academia & industry

About scalable minds

scalable minds is a software engineering company with a strong focus on solutions utilizing powerful AI methods for our clients and research partners. We are experts for large-scale image analysis.
Our team consists of currently 16 exceptional software engineers and data scientists. We all share the passion for artificial intelligence, brain research and solving technical challenges.
We are not afraid to tackle complex challenges. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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