Accelerate and Standardize Image Analysis

The mission of scalable minds is to connect domain experts with the latest Machine Learning expertise.
Next to our standardized preprocessing, alignment, segmentation, and reconstruction services, we also offer custom AI services. We dive deep into your use case and design powerful AI systems to achieve your analysis goals. 
With our expertise in build AI systems, our existing toolboxes, and our partner network, we are able to deliver a full service including training data generation, model development, and proof-reading. Our technology stack scales from gigabyte-sized to petabyte-sized datasets. 
We look forward to learning more about your use case.


Custom AI Image Analysis


    Segmentation of biological features, e.g. neurons, cells, membranes
    Cell Organelle Identification, e.g. mitochondria, nuclei, vesicles
    Detection of damaged tissue and lesions
    Automatic counting and measurement of identified structures
    Data management & online collaborative workflows with WEBKNOSSOS

Support for most Imaging Modalities

    2D and 3D electron microscopy
    MRI and CT
    Synchrotron X-Ray and Micro-CT
    Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
    Light Microscopy

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