Accelerate and Standardize your Image Analysis

The mission of scalable minds is to connect material researchers with the latest Machine Learning expertise.

    Accelerate your analysis
    Standardize your processes
    Save costs through automation
    Full service, no coding required

Our AI platform Voxelytics enables automated image preprocessing and reconstruction of material features of interest. Replace the tedious work of manually counting, measuring or locating features through AI automation. 
WEBKNOSSOS enables easy-to-use workflows for visual analysis, collaborative annotation and exploration of petabyte-scale 3D datasets. Share data securely with the team and external collaborators.


Contrast Normalization and Stitching

    2D/3D tile stitching and registration
    Contrast normalization and gradient correction
    Dynamic mesh deformations
    Optimized for 2D and 3D Electron Microscopy(SBEM, SS-TEM, MultiSEM, FIB-SEM)
    Scales to terabyte-scale datasets

Image Analysis & Segmentation

    Image Segmentation, Detection & Identification
    Automated counting and measuring
    Optimized for 2D and 3D Electron Microscopy(SBEM, SS-TEM, MultiSEM, FIB-SEM)
    Works with megabytes-sized datasets to terabytes

Dataset Management

Use WEBKNOSSOS to view, annotate, and collaboratively work on exploring your datasets. Optimized for 2D and 3D imaging data. Tightly integrated with all Voxelytics analysis tools.

    Data management & online collaborative workflows with WEBKNOSSOS
    Scales from gigabyte-sized to petabyte-sized datasets
    Hosted and On-Premise solutions
    Ready for large Scientific Computing clusters

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