Stroke Research

AI Analysis for stroke-induced brain lesion detection

AI Services for Stroke Research

Our mission at scalable minds is to connect biomedical researchers with the latest Machine Learning expertise.
Our deep learning AI platform Stroke Vision has successfully enabled the automation of stroke related brain research. From automated brain and ventricle segmentation to lesion detection. No coding needed.
Built together with healthcare professional and machine learning experts to speed up discovery, collaborate on research and save costs.
webKnossos offers online workflows for image management, visual analysis, and collaborative annotation.


Raw image data from the Charité


Raw image data from the Charité

Lesion & Brain Segmentation

    Automated Lesion Detection with AI● Measure lesion size● Locate lesion
    Automatic Brain Masking
    Optimized for CT and MRI scans
    Data management & online collaborative workflows with webKnossos

Dataset Management

Use webKnossos to view, annotate, and collaboratively work on exploring your datasets. Optimized for 2D and 3D imaging data. Tightly integrated with all Voxelytics analysis tools.

    Data management & online collaborative workflows with webKnossos
    Scales from gigabyte-sized to petabyte-sized datasets
    Hosted and On-Premise solutions
    Ready for large Scientific Computing clusters
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