Image Analysis For Neuroscience

Use our BioVision tools to reconstruct your Connectomics datasets. Turn raw microscope images into rich annotations.

We love Neuroscience

Rely on our AI-powered BioVision tools to reconstruct your datasets.
Our tools are developed in collaboration with leading international neuroscience researchers.

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Neuron Segmentation

We use advanced Machine Learning algorithms to produce high-quality image segmentations. Our data scientists tweak our BioVision tools to work with any dataset. 
We specialize in dense reconstruction of 3D microscopy images for Neuroscience. Our pipeline is optimized for massive parallel operations and handling terabytes of data.

Dataset Alignment

Successful image alignment is always the first step for any automated analysis. No matter whether you are working with large tiled 2D images or 3D stacks our BioVision tools work for you.
We offer automated in-plane stitching, deconvolution and global stack alignment to help with image registration.

Organelle Detection

For many applications, it is enough to only detect and classify objects within an image. Our BioVision tools use state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques to identify structures in bio-medical tissue.
In past projects, we detected and labeled nuclei, mitochondria, and other cell organelles.

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scalable minds are an amazing team: highly professional, expert software design, 100% achievers. They have been essential for our development of efficient human-machine interaction with large-scale image data of brain circuits. The software they built for us is world-leading in our field.

Moritz Helmstaedter, Director - Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

webKnossos Supports Your Analysis Workflow

Managing, viewing and annotating large-scale image datasets can be challenging. webKnossos is our browser-based, collaborative 3D annotation tool to help you with these tasks.
Whether you want to gather training data for an automated image analysis system or view the resulting dataset segmentations, webKnossos was made with Connectomics in mind.
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Want to work with us?

Learn how you can apply our BioVision tools to your data.