IMAGE ANALYSIS that scales

Benefit from the latest Artifical Intelligence research.

Deep Learning

We use the latest deep learning frameworks to provide outstanding results. Our Convolutional Neural Networks are based on state-of-the-art research from leading AI companies.

Strong Privacy

Have full control over your data. Our software is self-hosted on a server of your choice. No need to hand over precious user data to cloud services.

Customized for You

We use highly flexible open source components to customize our AI to your needs. Our neural networks architectures are based on classics like Inception, Xception, and Yolo – hand-tuned to your use cases.

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Example for Object Detection


Object Detection

Our tech identifies specific objects within images and videos or summarizes the general theme of an image. Extract higher level information from images by understanding what is going on.

Deep Learning Technology

We use the latest deep learning technology for high accuracy image recognition. We work with GPU-accelerated machine learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow and Keras for quick and reliable results.

Use Cases

Use image recognition for everything from identifying lanes, cars, and pedestrians in autonomous driving to anomaly detection in the medical imaging domain.

Example for Image Segmentation Raw Example for Image Segmentation with Segmentation
Raw Image Credit: CREMI Challenge Dataset A


Full Image Segmentation

Full image segmentation assigns every pixel of an image to a category revealing connected structures. Locate object boundaries and extract sub-images with pixel-level accuracy.

3D Image Segmentation

Automate the reconstruction of 3D information out of thin 2D image slices. Use machine learning for volumetric data and moving image sequences.

Use Cases

Segment microscopy images in the biomedical domain and discover cell components. Partition a complex street scene into people and background for autonomous vehicles. Check the contours of a fabricated item in manufacturing.