Our story begins at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany where all of us studied IT-Systems Engineering. After working on a couple of projects for university and bonding over some beers, we quickly figured out that we made a great team. So, when we got the opportunity to work on an amazing brain research project, we decided to start the adventure called "scalable minds". Since then we have been lucky to be joined by some of the brightest minds of our class.

Currently, we are a team of 12 exceptional software engineers. We have been working together for 7 years now and became a highly effective team. We all share the passion for artificial intelligence, brain research and solving technical challenges. Being experts in some of the most future-proof technologies means that we're always eager to stay on the cutting edge. To do this we love to actively contribute to the community and open source projects.

Norman Rzepka

Norman loves to design elegant software systems that solve problems and scale properly. He has a long-standing experience in constructing and running data analysis applications that are both easy to use and smoothly handle large chunks of data. Norman enjoys solving challenges in all layers of a system: user interfaces, number-crunching backends, databases and server infrastructure. In his Master studies, he focused on researching high-performance database systems.

His consulting endeavor at McKinsey helped him to understand how businesses think and operate.

Tom Herold

Tom is co-founder of sclalabe minds and works as a data engineer and consultant on chatbot projects. He specializes in machine learning algorithms for natural language processing and image recognition. As part of his academic thesis, he studied deep learning systems for image classification. He loves to apply the latest AI research to real-world problems.

While working at Mozilla, he worked on large-scale web applications. Over the years, he has used web technologies outside of the browsers for even more exotic tasks: Chromecasts, desktop apps, backend systems or native phone development.

Tom Bocklisch

Tom is co-founder and the mastermind behind our scalable backend systems. He specializes in the design and implementation of reactive, scalable, resilient distributed systems. He promotes the use of functional languages, mainly Scala, and architectural patterns in enterprise level production systems.

He has a deep understanding of machine learning techniques and focuses on developing chat bot systems through natural language processing. He is the lead engineer for the conversational AI of the Rasa Stack.

Georg Wiese

Georg enjoys the task of breaking down complex tasks and solving them on an abstract level. Fueled by his thorough academic background he serves as our machine learning expert. He makes sure that our GPU servers are always under load by training the latest AI projects. He uses Deep Learning technologies to build image classification systems and natural language applications. He relies on Python and Javascript for his daily business.

As a former intern at Google, he is also well accustomed to working in an international team and in highly optimized working environments.

Daniel Werner

Daniel works as a frontend developer and loves to build polished and intuitive user interfaces. He pushes us to use the latest web technologies and his attention to detail results in smooth user experiences. He loves to engage in cyber security competitions and makes sure to cover the team's back with regards to security loopholes. His web applications are designed to ensure that our customers' data is stored, processed and transmitted securely.

During a six-month internship at SAP in Palo Alto he expanded his knowledge on big data migration and data cleansing. He loves to spend his spare time bouldering.

Philipp Otto

Philipp is our in-house Javascript guru. He applies his deep academic understanding of languages, patterns, and concepts to all of his Javascript projects. He works as a full stack developer and loves to optimize his code for the last drop of performance. Phillip is neither afraid of exotic programming languages nor challenging puzzles.

He constantly pushes to improve the team's development environment. From his time at Facebook he returned with many useful coding tools that save our sanity on a daily basis.

Johannes Frohnhofen

Johannes likes developing scalable and robust backend systems handling large amounts of data. By applying smart algorithms and using efficient data structures, he makes sure all data is available for clients whenever needed via clean APIs. Several years of experience in Scala, Python and C++ as well as state-of-the-art web frameworks, help him find the right solution, no matter how big the problem.

His interships at Google made him appreciate building software at scale and sparked his interest in using alogrithmic problem solving.

Jonathan Striebel

Jonathan is the puppeteer of all our servers and web services. He specialized in designing and running our cloud hardware infrastructure. He loves the DevOps attitude and is responsible for making our lives easier through automation.

Due to his efforts all our builds are automatically continously deployed and monitored. Thanks to Jonathan we have many new friends in our development chat–the place where many chat bots report notifications.

Working at scalable minds

We created scalable minds to be a place where we could work on meaningful projects and solve technical challenges. For us it is very important to constantly learn and grow both professionally and personally. Within our team we actively support each other to develop new skills and improve existing ones. We believe that everybody needs a high degree of trust and freedom to excel in their work. Combined with a supportive and fun team experience, this is what makes working at scalable minds so great and unique.

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