Voxelytics as a Service

Benefit from our years of experience in working with large-scale microscopy images in neuroscience and Connectomics. 
We are experts at alignment and AI segmentation of volume microscopy image dataset. From raw data to full reconstructed neurons and synaptic connectivity maps.
Custom trained for your use case and data. Scalable from gigabyte to petabyte-scale datasets.


Segmentation: scalable minds. Raw EM data: Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Neuron and Connectome Reconstruction

    Segmentation with Voxelytics● Neuron Reconstruction● Axons, Dendrites, and Synapse Reconstruction● Mitchondria & Vesicle Detection● Custom AI Models
    Optimized for 3D Electron Microscopy(SBEM, SS-TEM, MultiSEM, FIB-SEM)
    Scales from gigabyte-sized to petabyte-sized datasets



Dense neuron segmentation of mouse layer 4 somatosensory cortex 

Full dense neuron instance segmentation using modified U-Nets and hierarchical agglomeration. Read blog article.


Synapse, vesicle, and mitochondria detection in cortex tissue

CNN based segmentation of all synapses, vesicles, and mitochondria in preparation for synaptic connectivity mapping.


Neuron type classification

Integrate semantic segmentation of neuron sub-types (axon, dendrite, glia, etc) into the agglomeration to prevent merger error based on prior biological knowledge.

Volume EM Alignment

    3D tile stitching and registration
    Contrast normalization and gradient correction
    Dynamic mesh deformations
    Optimized for 3D Electron Microscopy(SBEM, SS-TEM, MultiSEM, FIB-SEM)
    Scales to terabyte-scale datasets

Raw image data from the Francis Crick Institute

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